Good for the soul

Oy vey. It’s been a ridiculous day. A good day for burning bridges, though. And slamming doors. And pouting.

I can’t really do the whole day justice right now, since I’m still processing it, but a text I sent my mom around 12:30 really says it all:

The invasion has begun. Please pray for my soul.

Instead of half-assing a story that really deserves a thorough (non-exaggerated, non–rage inspired) re-telling, I present to you *drumroll please* A confession. I hear they’re good for the soul. And as I’m not particularly fond of being shut up in a claustrophobic little booth with a stranger who is married to Jesus, I shall open my heart to you, gentle readers.

My life is not exciting and definitely not worth writing about on a day to day basis. I try to find humor in the small things, and I do have a few day to day joys–like Boo spinning around in circles while he laughs his dizzy fool head off. And Red glancing at me with that look, the one that still makes me blush. And various creatures of a furry persuasion. Oh. And Ulta.

So here it is: My name is Chelsie, and I am a beauty product whore.

Littered among the various scholarly journals in my Firefox bookmarks are no fewer than six (6, people!) beauty blogs. Every morning, I check my e-mail, Facebook, and this blog, and then I lose myself at Temptalia and Musings of a Muse until I devour every new post of the day. It’s my Wheaties–reading new Too Faced product reviews is my Breakfast of Champions.

Last year, the city planners played enabler to my addiction when they developed a new pavilion where Ulta opened a new store. Now every month, due in part to my ridiculous customer loyalty and the forking over of cash, our magical mail main delivers another glossy catalogue replete with images that make my eyes bug out of my head. This month, I even got a coupon for a free gift. An $11.95 retail value! You know I redeemed that bad boy the day after I got it.

Though it is much abused and missing parts, it remains MAH PRESHUS

Ulta is my oasis. When things get hectic at home (childcare permitting, of course) I flee and head to my happy place to indulge in a precious hour or so of swatching and sniffing and being generally enamored with all things shiny. And sparkly. Don’t even get me started on the sparkly stuff.

I don’t buy a lot when I’m there. I’m too, ahem, frugal. More than three quarters of my beauty haul comes from Walmart, and I’m not afraid to admit it. My make-up is a mish-mash of Cover Girl, Revlon, Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Hard Candy. While I’m a fan of higher end products, I can’t usually justify spending $35 on an eye shadow palette. (Like this one. Soooooo pretty. Want, want, WANT!)

I have come home with a few Holy Grail items whilst browsing the hallowed aisles. One auspicious day, I discovered the answer to eye shadow that won’t stay put on my greasy mug: Too Faced Shadow Insurance. The great thing about Ulta is that they offer a lot of their most popular products in easy-on-the-wallet trial sizes. This works out great for someone who is strapped for cash (or someone who spends 50% of their budget on wee Converse All-Stars, because they’re CUTE, dammit.) I bought a trial-sized Shadow Insurance way back in February, and I only had to repurchase this week. This miracle cream goes on translucent and dries very quickly, then you can literally spackle layer upon layer of cream or powder shadow on top of  it and nothing will budge or crease. FOR TWELVE HOURS. I kid you not; before Shadow Insurance, my carefully crafted eye shadow looks were completely gone three or four hours after application. Now, I can literally baste in my own sweat and grease all day without worrying about my eyes. The packaging is also user-friendly. Unlike Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, there’s no annoying doe foot applicator to deal with. You can squeeze the product straight onto your finger or a brush and plop it right onto your lids. Finally, I’ve found that very little product gets wasted in the packaging. By the time you’ve reached the end of your 0.11 fl oz tube, you’ve probably extracted 0.109999 fl oz of that. (Unlike UDPP, which leaves an ungodly amount in the container before it dries out.) And since you only use a *tiny* amount each time you prep your lids, the $8 price tag for the trial size is a bargain. (Gah, I hate that word.)

So I guess this entry is the gateway drug to my product review addiction. Hopefully, I’ll have a new review up once a week. Trust me, I’ve got some good ones waiting for you in my drafty-draft list o’entries.

My need for this exceeds my need for oxygen (or vodka) at the moment.

So who wants to lend me $35?

***Disclosure: all products reviewed were purchased by Three Ring Mom for personal use and review purposes.


About Chelsie

Mommy. Beauty product whore. Plastic lawn flamingo enthusiast. Nosy neighbor. One day novelist.
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One Response to Good for the soul

  1. Pat Smith says:

    OMG, girl…you really ARE one of us! I have to stay OUT of ULTA…but am addicted to Bare Minerals (when I do bother with make-up)…Oh, thanks for the comment on my blog (I cannot yet figure out how to reply there)…and My “creativity” on those cards was a copy of an idea I saw online!!!

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