Legit, yo

If you’ve been poking around in the archives any time within the last eight hours or so, you will have noticed a few… changes. Namely, um, names. More on that later.

Back at the beginning of summer, when this blog was just a sparkle in the wineglass of my subconscious, I started poking around in the blogosphere. One late night when I was enjoying a glass of, ahem, juice, I ran across Lindsay Ferrier’s contribution to Her Nashville. I can’t remember how I what lead me there, but I was immediately smitten. Her unique combination of humor and beauty advice rang true for me.

Shit, son. If she could rock the socks with heels look, so could I. In the writing sense, any way. Even though Lindsay is waaaaaaaaay hotter, more stylish and confident, and oh yeah, did I mention hotter? Her writing struck a chord for me. I could imagine myself getting to sample designer beauty products (or not) and reviewing them for the amusement of nameless, faceless masses in Internetland. I could imagine making money doing what I loved.

I played around with the idea of starting my own beauty blog like  Temptalia or Musings of a Muse but quickly realized my ambitions far outstripped my budget. Besides living in Bumphuck, Egypt and not having easy access to a MAC counter, there’s no way I could afford to purchase the amount of product that fuels their website traffic.

Then I found Amalah and the Blogess. I realized that their’s was a recipe that I could follow, since I already had all the ingredients at my disposal: One part humor, one part children, two parts crazy, blend well and serve chilled in Internetland.

(Obviously, there’s more than enough crazy in my life to go around.)

Needless to say, I was hooked. I chose the Three Ring Mom handle and launched my soul into cyberspace.

Now, a little over a month later (a month!) I received a really flattering offer to make this whole writing thing legit. Like, business card legit, yo. I can’t really dish on the details at the moment, but I can say that on November 1, 2010, a new site will launch and I will be responsible for providing the beauty content.

Holy crap.

I’m beyond excited. I’ve already started compiling lists of products I want to review and ideas for monthly features that will push me as a writer–and a dignified human being. My posts there will be a little more reserved (ie: no f-bombs), but for the most part, I get to be myself.

So, back to the name changes. Since I’m linking myself to a professionally run fashion agency, I decided that my family’s identity here needed to be protected. So now I’ll be referring to the fruit of my loins as Boo (an apropos nickname if ever there was) and the man I plan to marry will heretofore be called Red, a nod to his gamer tag.

Until the new site launches, I won’t be offering any more beauty content on Three Ring Mom. After that, I’ll probably just offer teaser excerpts here and link back to the agency. Hopefully that will bring both sites more traffic, and maybe one day I’ll be able to replace my busted-ass Powerpoint graphics with ones designed by an honest to God graphic artist.

But I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

***Photo Credits: Lindsay Ferrier for hernashville.com


About Chelsie

Mommy. Beauty product whore. Plastic lawn flamingo enthusiast. Nosy neighbor. One day novelist.
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2 Responses to Legit, yo

  1. Pat Smith says:

    Woo-Hoo!!! Congrats girl!

  2. Chelsie says:

    Thank you! I’ll link the site as soon as it’s up and running. Our official launch date is November 1 and the content is going to be out of this world. I can’t wait!

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