I do believe in spooks! I do, I do, I do!

The comments are still coming in on my post about how worried I am that there’s something (or someone) haunting my house. Everyone seems to think that yes, a cleansing is indeed necessary to make sure that my family doesn’t show up on the news as the victims of unexplained disappearances and/or horrific murders. So, um, thank you for scaring the shit out of me. If that was your goal, it totally worked. Now every time I lay down in bed, I think I hear something clicking around in the pipes.


And since then, I’ve been thinking. This picture thing wasn’t the first thing that freaked me out since we moved in two years ago.

Boo was only eight weeks old when we set up residence here. Back then, we carried around a baby monitor night and day so we could hear our preshus snowflake sleep and make sure he didn’t get stuck in the crib slats and suffocate while we watched True Blood in the living room. Because we’re responsible like that.

It wasn’t long before I noticed that every time I turned the baby monitor up above the lowest setting that I heard a muffled ruffling sound. I didn’t know what the sound was, but it brought to mind thousands of tiny wings flapping about in a light breeze.

After a few nights of careful listening, I decided to take the monitor into Boo’s room to see if the noise would stop. I disconnected the handset from the base and carried it to Boo’s closed door. As I got closer, the wings were flapped harder, like something had whipped them into a frenzy. I stood there for a few heartbeats, and then threw the door open.


The only sound on the monitor was a feeble feedback from the handset being held too close to the base. I checked on Boo, and he was still sleeping soundly, oblivious to the tumult of emotions spinning through my imagination. I pressed my hand to his chest. His heart thumped a steady beat against my palm, and his eyelids flickered back and forth as he dreamed.

I didn’t leave the room for a long time. Instead, I sat down on the futon across from his crib and strained my ears to hear the wings again, but nothing ever came. Before I left the room that night, I traced the sign of the cross onto his forehead three times, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Call me superstitious, or even irrational, but this part of Catholicism still makes sense to me.

After that night, I only heard the wings a few more times. I told myself that was the sound of his guardian angel hovering overhead.

I was never really convinced.

Perhaps a year after that, I had gone to bed while Red played a video game in the living room. I tossed and turned for about thirty minutes before I settled into an uneasy sleep, where I was plagued by repetitive, disjointed images of unidentifiable black things that were reaching out for me from the darkness.

Some hours (or minutes) later, I woke suddenly. The last vestiges of my dreams hung with me, and I was still hovering in that area between wakefulness and sleep.

Something was with me in the room.

Like the stories you hear about people who claim to be abducted by aliens, my muscles were completely rigid and I was unable to move. I was paralyzed except for my eyes, which strained against the dark of the room to make out what lay beyond. It didn’t matter that my eyesight is horrible–barely corrected to 20/20 with incredibly strong lenses–I could feel something floating above me about two feet from where my head was pinioned against the pillow.

My first instinct was to reach up and turn on the light on the bookshelf beside the bed, but I couldn’t move my hands. I commanded my fingers to move, but they wouldn’t respond.

I felt trapped, like someone was pressing a cloth against my mouth. My breaths came in shallow pants. The blackness crept closer. I squeezed my eyes shut, the only defense I had left.

Suddenly, Red snapped the recliner shut in the living room. Immediately the blackness lifted, and I was able to move again. I sat up and flicked on the light. Of course there was nothing there, but that didn’t stop me from looking behind the shower curtain, in each of the closets, and beneath the bed.

That was the night I started sleeping with a knife tucked between the mattress and box springs.

I want to believe that there is a logical explanation for all of this. Sleep paralysis. Interference from the neighbors’ cell phones. An overactive imagination. But I can’t help myself. I’m pretty scared at this point.

I think I’ll be spreading salt around the base of the house, just to be on the safe side. The neighbors can’t complain. They just moved out a few days ago.

I wonder why.

Edited to add: What. The. Fuck. Right after I hit publish, the lamp on my bedside table started rattling and my scented oil burner’s light bulb started flickering. Any more of this crap and we’re going to be buying a house next week.

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102 Responses to I do believe in spooks! I do, I do, I do!

  1. Michelle says:

    Note to self: Do not read the creepy blog posts right before bed.

    Sleep tight, eh?

    • Chelsie says:

      I scared myself even writing that. I’m seriously afraid I’m going to piss something off even admitting that I think there’s a problem, because as I sit here typing this, the lamp on my bedside is clicking ominously. Red needs to get home NOW.

  2. like my grandmother would say: “echa agua bendita en las 4 esquinas de la cama y si oyes algo mandalo para el carajo”

    translation: pour holy water on the 4 corners of the bed and if you hear something send it to hell…

    my family is very superstitious, maybe has something to do with all the witch stories in my country. but i DO believe you something similar used to happen in my house.

    P.S. according to my grandma ghost don’t like 2 things
    1. naked people (she says that if you sleep naked ghost wont come near you).
    2. CURSING (she says that if you think there is a ghost near you start cursing and it’ll go away).

    • Chelsie says:

      If sleeping naked is what it takes to make us safe, we’re covered. And without going into details that will get me into trouble, cursing happens. Often. But thank you for the details. I want to have the house blessed with holy water, so I’m going to add our bed to the list.

      • Michelle says:

        So, every night before you go to bed, recreate the swearing scene from “The King’s Speech” to keep the ghosties away.

        Or, you know, sing the 30-second blink-182 song that’s nothing but swear words.

        Just tell people you’re performing an exorcism.

  3. jajaajajajajajajajaja i never thought of it that way but thats a good excuse

  4. Sandy says:

    Our first house had spirits in them, but they were not harmful. They would open and close doors, move stuff on us, pretty harmless things. My daughters told me that when they were young they saw them and used to talk to them (guess I have pretty open-minded kids).

    We also have at least one in the house we currently live in, and again, very harmless. Perhaps one moved with us? Whatever the case, we are resigned to have them around us and they don’t cause any trouble.

    Keep us posted on how the house blessing goes!

    • Chelsie says:

      I really hope whatever this is beats a hasty exit the hell out of here as soon as I cleanse the house, because I’m a big chicken. I don’t think I could be as open as you are to having uninvited guests who just won’t leave.

  5. kate says:

    wow so we have had spirits here and there… most of what i have heard/read/experienced: if they are ‘negative’ entities, they are feeding off your fear – dont be afraid (seriously what is a knife going to do? you couldn’t move and it’s not something living!) you are ultimately in control. You can pull your energy in, say GO AWAY AND DO NOT COME BACK. generally once they realize they can’t suck your fear energy they do go away. Also have heard picturing white light surrounding you and calling on your own angels to help really helps (yes, my catholic upbringing definitely has be believing in angels too!) and they will protect you. I had some crazy thoughts/mental images during sleepless night feedings, etc. after my son was born and the ‘imagery’ of angel wings protecting us kinda got me through it… (hormones are a bitch and you never can be too sure!)
    Good luck! and um maybe practice your sage burning in your CURRENT home! 🙂

    • Chelsie says:

      The knife is more for comfort than anything else. There’s an old wive’s tale here in the South about putting a knife under your mattress to ‘cut’ negative emotions, like the pain associated with childbirth, or in my case, bad dreams/bad vibes.

      I think you’re right about this thing feeding off my anxiety. It seems like the more I think or talk or write about it, the worse it gets. I’m going to do some hippy-dippy cleansing things this week, so hopefully that will work to drive away the bad energy.

  6. SPOOKY!

    Thanks for the goosebumps this morning. Sheesh. Now I’m hearing rustling in the other room…


  7. One question: Why are you still living in that house??

    Wow…super creepy, but very gripping post!

  8. Google sleep paralysis. Or wiki it. I can’t explain the other things, but the image in the room and being half awake half asleep…

  9. These are usually spirits of people who have died and are trapped or “delayed” for some reason. Occasionally this is energy projected from people in the house but if you’ve never had this issue before, it’s probably a stuck “person.” Finding out what they want so they can move on or interrupting and helping them change the thought (belief, idea) they are stuck in is usually all it takes to get them to give the space back to you. So I guess what I’m saying is although it is creepy and scary especially since most people can’t see them, having compassion for their “stuckness” and helping them is usually the most direct route to resolving. For instance, I work in a hospital and occasionally we will have people who have died traumatic deaths and they will “haunt” the OR, etc. because they don’t realize they are dead or they have something they are need resolved, etc. These “hauntings” are most often easily resolved if have someone who is sensitive enough and can connect and help them.

    • Jess Witkins says:

      Wow. I’ve never heard anyone admit that this happens. Thank you for sharing your story too. I think that’s really sensitive and real and wonderful of you and the individuals who help those in-between spirits.

  10. Have you ever considered crazy as an explanation?

    Just kidding. (I’m blogging a memoir about my recovery from bipolar disorder, so I have crazy on my mind.)

    Congrats on the ghost that is FP-ed. Talk about haunted!


  11. Jess Witkins says:

    I believe you that something could be attached to your house or an energy inside it. I’m really sorry you had to feel so helpless in bed that night. I had that happen to me once, like a sleep paralysis and unless you’ve gone through it, there’s no describing it. It’s just scary. I hope the cleansing helps and that you and your family feel safe. While I completely believe in spirits and have had my own encounters with them, I will caution you to TRY (I know, how, right?) to not let it get the best of you because sometimes our own fears and senses are over heightened and WE can be the ones scaring ourselves. I guess I’m saying don’t give it more power than it deserves. Acknowledge it, but claim the house as yours. The ghost is a guest, and you tell them when to leave and when they can stay. Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you and family and sending good vibes/prayers your way.

  12. Hello Chelsie –

    Hey, MOVE! That place is just to weird for me. I grew up in an old house that did so many strange things it amazes me all of are sane (and alive)! Super good post. 🙂

  13. I love believing in spooks, but I’d be a screaming ninny if I ever actually got any. My husband tells me I scare them away with my tippie-toe run. He surprised me coming in after dark one night when I didn’t expect him, and I shot straight into the air and, allegedly, did this hysterical tippie-toe run down the hall. This, he claims, would scare any spook away.

    I dispute the tippie-toe run story, by the way. It just runs counter to my no-nonsense nature. :p

  14. Cindi says:

    Well my heart rate definitely accelerated whilst reading this post. I think you might be able to give Stephen King a run for his money! When my babes where infants they slept in separate cribs in one room. I would wake in the night fearful of opening their door b/c of what I might find. As I’ve aged over the years I’ve learn that mommies have the insane propensity to conger up the worst images. Maybe it’s hormonal, maybe it’s the knowledge that we will never be able to completely protect them from all the ugliness of the world. I too would lean over the cribs and listen for small little breaths, gently lay my hand on their little backs to feel the rise and fall, and then just stare at their innocence and pray that image would forever be branded into my memory. Thirty plus years later I can tell you that it is 🙂
    Praying over you children while they sleep in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit should not be viewed as corny or a ‘religious’ thing, it’s covering them in love and protection.

  15. We are having similar issues at the moment, one of our lamps keeps turning on by itself… even when we’re both sat on the sofa just looking at it! My fone keeps flying off completely flat surfaces and both my partner and I keep seeing shadows from the corners of our eyes.

    I love our flat but I’m totally terrified to be left alone in it right now!

    I console myself with the fact that whatever it is would already have hurt you, if it was going to. I’m sure its something totally 100% logical and just our over active imaginations running wild. But even if its not, it seems to just be playing with us!

    good luck x

    • Well, I don’t mean to scare anyone or anything but if there’s a seriously pissed demon where ever you are, they can hurt you. I’ve watched actual footage of people walking into a room and coming back with burns across their backs.

      No, it wasn’t cheap edited footage..

  16. urbannight says:

    I have experienced sleep paralysis. It’s actually a really simple thing. Your body shuts down movement when you dream so you don’t act out dreams. Sleep walkers are people for whom this function doesn’t work properly. But for everyone else, there can occassionally be times when we wake up from a dream faster than our body kicks us back into mostion. Most often, we wake up this fast from bad dreams and nightmares. We start out slightly to very upset or disturbed or agitated from the dream and then we can’t move. Which takes the initial feeling and multiplies it by 10. I knew about this phenomenon before I ever experienced it. That didn’t stop me from panicking the first time it happened.

  17. scrooge_74 says:

    From personal experiences (we used to live like 2 blocks from a Jewish cemetery and my wife is kind of sensitive to ghosts).

    1. Holy water is a plus
    2. Seeking help from someone really verse in spirits things to have some ideas what to do
    3. Inform yourself
    4. Listen carefully to yourself and eventually you can hear them as a form of tought that just came over to you (sometimes advice is good sometimes is not so good)
    5. Technics that work:
    a. if you think there is some spirit in the house, say: “Hi if you mean no harm you are welcome to stay if not go on your way”.
    b. each day imagine you are inside a energy bubble (a force field if you want to), start increasing it until you cover the room you are in, then keep expanding, and imagine you are giving extra strenght to points of entry (like reinforcement)
    c. Mentalize that you are stronger and they dont have any power over you.

  18. carriepulliam says:

    Reading that gave me chills. Good luck, though. I’m a sucker for ghost shows/stories, so I enjoy getting creeped out or scared. Weird things happen that we cannot explain and that’s why I find this so fascinating.

    My boyfriend’s house is a little creepy; I’m afraid to be by myself, afraid to walk into the other room even. He and my sister dated in early high school so back then, she used to tell me about strange things that would happen in Eric’s house, but they were just stories to her; she never experienced anything.

    When Eric and I started dating a little over 2 years ago, I wasn’t able to sleep in his house. It would take me a solid 30 minutes or so to finally settle. Sleeping became easier for me as time went on because I had not been freaked out yet.

    Last summer I heard something for the first time. I knew it wasn’t anyone in the house, and I knew I wasn’t just hearing voices. What I heard were children laughing-no joke. A family with three young boys lived in Eric’s house before his great-grandparents purchased the house. But I knew what I heard and it was children. No one else heard it but me.

    Several months ago Eric and I were walking into his bedroom next to his mom’s (we’re in our early 20’s) telling each other goodnight. As I opened his door, I noticed a small, thick shadow dodge off his bed. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t Ms. Elaine’s or Eric’s shadow or the shadow from the door opening. Trust me, I tried everything and Eric started wondering what the hell I was doing; I didn’t tell him I saw something and I couldn’t disprove it.

  19. PeacockWings says:

    haha I read this during the day and it freaked me out :/ I love the writing though! Amazing!

  20. Generation 26 says:

    I know how you feel. Ever since I saw a ghost at 8 I’ve been kinda paranoid. My mom thinks it was a dream, but I know it wasn’t…I will say I don’t remember falling asleep, but that was because I didn’t want to close my eyes with a freaking ghost standing in the doorway(about 4 inches from my head) staring at me…It looked like Abraham Lincoln…I never understood that

  21. Michael says:

    All right, so I’ve had not an inconsiderable amount of experience with the strange and paranormal. The idea that “it” feeds off your fear is, I think, rather immature. If anything else, this entity is trying to contact you in the only way it understands how. If more negative things begin to happen, i.e. fires starting, people being pushed, windows breaking, etc., then I recommend finding a new place pronto. If not, just try and deal with it. It might be a little unnerving but it won’t hurt you.

    In the meantime, don’t do anything foolish like buy a Oiuja board or anything. And good luck. I feel like raising a child in a place like that is a precarious situation.

    • Spectra says:

      -but I tend to agree with those who say it ‘feeds off of your negative energy’. I have a brother, and he and his wife are very negative. They see ghosts and have weird things happen- but their home was completely new and they actually helped design it – none of this old spirits in the house stuff. However, it was built on farmland, and one kid they saw had committed suicide many years prior (they researched it)

      I, however, live in a 1941 constructed place…the original occupant, a woman, lived here 50 years. She was the same age as I was when she moved in…she had parties but as she aged, she died alone, in her bed, in the room I now sleep in. I could just feel she died in there, but noone told me. It took me over ten years to ask my aging neighbor about her, and he admitted she died in my bedroom.

      When I moved in, the next, previous occupants had painted everything a stark white. Which was a good canvas for me to apply color over; I chose pale pink for the livingroom, a ‘coral sand’ (lightest beige) for the bedroom, buttery yellow for the dining room, and left the galley kitchen alone, but added teal/blue-green accents with the intention of painting the room that color one day.

      I could feel this old womans presence in the house when I moved in. After I had painted the rooms, I eventually became incensed that her spirit was still living here…and decided to investigate. I took chips of paint off the walls in every room, usually where I already had a nail to hang something and could see the underlying levels of paint.

      Don’t you know, I had repainted EVERY room from bland white, to the exact colors she had originally painted them? Only her shades were darker. She had an awful hot pink in the LR, a bright sunny yellow in DR, the bedroom had been a harsh pinkish beige, and the galley kitchen was indeed a horrible blue-green color, similar to my intended teal.

      I re-painted the house in colors that appeased her, and she has never bothered me. But at times I refuse to sleep in my room, because I can feel her illness, her depression, and her death there!

  22. That is indeed some spooky stuff. If you can handle it, hang in there. These stories will be great material for future writing. Anything of the supernatural realm – like lost spirits – cannot hurt you.

  23. Sabio Lantz says:

    Sorry to crash a Mom’s blog but saw your post on WordPress home page.
    I am an atheist who occasionally does superstitious stuff.
    Here is my post on spreading salt to drive spooks out of your house!
    Fun post — thanx — good luck with getting rid of the “spooks”!

  24. Rossie says:

    The advice you’ve receive from the others posts are great, especially those from Scrooge 74 and Maibel Gabriel Peña. The only thing I could add to the other comments is that you are not powerless. We all have the power to get rid off unwanted guests. You don’t need to be a psychic or a medium (although it helps LOL).

    After you clean the house (you can use sage or an incense called dragons blood which is more powerful) use a sweet scented incense to call only positive energy. While cleaning the house, call on your angels for protection (Archangel Michael is the best for this) and declare that that is your house and you will only welcome positive energy. Do not be afraid (easier said than done… I know!). Ask your angels to help those who are stuck and to send them to the light. You can even say a prayer for that.

    You need to declare (and believe it with all your heart) that you’ll only have good things in your life and your house will be a clean and happy home. They need to know that’s your house, not theirs.

    However, keep in mind that they could be harmless spirits that are just stuck, some even turn to be helpful.

    Hope this helps!

  25. All County Insurance - Brea, California says:

    Let us know how the cleansing goes! If it doesn’t seem to have worked after that then move immediately!

  26. I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

  27. charlywalker says:

    How about putting up a For Sale sign and “Get Out”…
    oh, and possibly change your child’s name from BOO to something less ghost affiliate…

    Nice Post.

  28. terii says:

    I slept over at a friend’s house once when I was about 12 or 13. We’d fallen asleep on the hide-a-bed with the TV on. When I woke, the locked front door swung open, closed and foot steps traveled across the floor. When the sound passed between the foot of the sofa-bed and the couch, a shadow was cast over the bed. As the footsteps went silent in the kitchen, I woke my friend. She groggily told me it was only her grandfather and went back to sleep.

  29. Robert says:

    Why is it always Catholics that the ones that evil spirits seek out? They’re really out there!

  30. janet says:

    Verry creepy. I suspect there is something around us that is not on the same plane of existance as us, and that most of us cannot see or hear, for whatever reason, but that some of us can. I prefer to deal with the 3 dimensional world we mostly live in, and hope that the other does not make its presense known to me. I do like the way the Simpson family handled ghosts on that cartoon show. I wonder if their attitude would work in real life? Hmmmm . . .

  31. Have you asked it to leave? Politely, I mean. Our old house – and I’m as skeptical as the next agnostic, and don’t believe in stuff like that easily – had some pretty unhappy ghosts living in it. And I was terrified all the time. Finally, after suffering for a few months, I asked them firmly, but kindly to leave.

    And they did.

    And maybe it *was* all in my head, and maybe by declaring my wish for them to leave, I allowed my brain to let it go…..I don’t care, really. It worked.

  32. Wow, creepy. Burn sage all around the house, and call a Roman Catholic priest to do a house blessing. If that doesn’t work, call the Archdiocese for a priest who specializes in the Rite of Exorcism. I don’t mean to go all green soup on you, but there are priests so specialize, so it’s nice to have that option in your back pocket.

  33. Walter says:

    Suuuuuper spoooky!

  34. edwincov says:

    What you described up there does sound like sleep paralysis. I was very interested in the topic a while ago after experiencing some very creepy things, and I can now say that I somewhat believe in ghost phenomena. I’m trying not to though, and like you, try to explain it through science or something.

    At one point I was more curious than scared, even though they were both pretty close. I set up a camera on “night vision” and left it on a tripod over night. The camera caught one hour of nothing, and then the battery died. Even though it was plugged in. I didn’t ask. Eventually I moved out just because I didn’t feel comfortable thinking that something might be in there.

    Let me know how this goes please!

    “Because havin’ a ghost in yo’ pad is awkward.”

  35. It is even creepier when your toddler starts talking to the “people” you can’t see.

    I lived in a old Victorian monster of a house when my oldest was a toddler, and I don’t think I have ever been more scared in my life. We would hear children giggling at all hours of the night,(while my son was fast asleep), running feet, water would turn on by itself, things disappeared and would turn up in the oddest places. The last straw for me was when my son started having conversations with someone I could never see, and he would even seem to watch these “entities” move through the house!
    Congratulations on being freshly pressed! I am subscribing right now, can’t wait to read what happens next.

  36. Andy says:

    God has nothing to say about “ghosts” in the Bible but plenty to say about evil spirits or demons. That is most likely what is at play here. Your post got me interested in looking at some of your other blogposts and it’s interesting that at one point you mock the Resurrection of Christ (the most sacred event in world history for those of us who are Christian), calling it “Zombie day” and yet in other cases you speak of using the sign of the cross to ward off evil. I suggest you give the Bible a closer read, give Jesus the worthy respect/position He is worthy of, and you will see all evil flee from your home and from your life. God bless! (“Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7)

  37. One Cocktail Away says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your story! I once heard psychic Sylvia Browne say when this happens you should tell the ghosts/spirits to leave and announce that only “spirits from God are welcome” in your house. I’ve tried it a few times when I got freaked out about something, and it helped 🙂

  38. Sabio Lantz says:

    All of this was a fun, curious and odd mix of empirical realism and half-suspect supersition until fundamentalist Andy jumps in to tell us to accept Jesus in our hearts. He is a good example of why the spooks really need to be driven away and who the real spooks are.

  39. wiloddsox says:

    I can’t give any tips on exorcism, but I enjoyed reading it.
    And if you move just hope would be buyers have read this!

  40. as me being a christian, i would do a whole lot of praying, and be sure that whatever it is know that i have a powerful God on myside and am not afraid of it, but thats just me beleiving in God

  41. ltrainnaron says:

    One two, Freddy’s coming for you~

    Oh, hm? Wrong song for the moment? Oops, my bad. >.>

  42. wadingacross says:

    There’s no such thing as ghosts. There are however demons/fallen angels and I don’t put it past them to pretend to be ghosts.

    Distant kin of mine were murdered nearly a century ago along with a family that they were visiting. Supposedly the house is haunted either by the murderer or some other malevolent spirit. http://www.villiscaiowa.com/

    While I’ve never experienced such goings on, I don’t think I’d be scared of them. A demon has no power over my soul or body, nor the ability to harm it. I on the other hand have the authority and power of Christ as a Christian – as does any true, real Christian. Fear not.

    I have experienced things spiritual things in my life that are more than mere coincidence, but that’s different than what you’re describing.

    On a related note, the only thing I’ve ever heard on a baby monitor were people talking… the monitor was picking up a conversation someone had while using a cordless phone in the neighborhood.

  43. sortofpsychic says:

    Ok, looks like you’ve got a classic neg (negative entity) attack. This is going to sound really weird to those who consider themselves ‘normal’, but I’ve dealt with these things, they’re real, and they’re dangerous. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to keep away. I’d suggest looking up more stuff about the paranormal – my own blog has some basics of self defense, but here’s some tips for now:
    1. Got any amethyst or silver jewelry? Amethyst (the purple gemstone) and silver are both protective.
    2. You’re right about the sage. If you don’t have time to burn it, just crumble some and toss it around the house. The best is fresh picked, but bottled will do in a pinch.
    3. Light and noise, especially percussive, scare the spooks away. It’s theorized that their natural environment is quiet and dark.
    4. Running water. It’s crazy, but I’ve heard lots of stories about people who were being bothered by negs. They crossed the street (there’s generally a water main underneath most roads) and the attack stopped. The neg can’t cross the water barrier.
    5. Someone already said this – negs feed on the fear and anxiety they create in you. If you calm yourself, they’ll eventually get bored and move on.
    Lots of people will probably decide I’m nuts after reading this post, but if you consider the suggestions, you’d be surprised how much they help.

  44. fabulous! thanks. sometimes it’s easier to be scared of spooky things than more concrete scary stuff. it’s distracting. like, i’d rather there was blood oozing out of the walls than pay the rent late again.

  45. Sherrie says:

    Did I miss something or is there NO comment with a good dose of cynicism to quell these silly superstitions (other than the diplomatic, rational description of sleep paralysis)?

    • Sabio Lantz says:

      Yeah, I agree, Sherrie. I added skeptic comments but the Christians and New Agers seem to abound.

      • sortofpsychic says:

        I didn’t believe in any of this either – until I experienced it first hand. People seem nuts when they talk about spirits and stuff – until there’s one in the room with you.

  46. ournote2self says:

    Zoiks, I’m thinking a new house is in your near future!

  47. Njuul says:

    Shaking? Who’s shaking!?
    I miss it when horror movies gave me chills like that, wooh! Nicely written, and scary as f**k, if it’s really true (and I don’t doubt your legitimacy)!

  48. Don’t watch The Haunting of Emily Rose=)

  49. Miki says:

    Time to get out the weegie board and see who wants to play! Face your fear mama… There is something called choice here and you can choose to give in to it or choose to overcome it and tell the boogie monster to go away. After all they’re bound to rules just like we are. If you don’t want them there they gotta go a way!

  50. Just so you know, knives are virtually useless when battling angry, resentful spirits.

    This is exactly why I couldn’t sleep at night when we used the baby monitor with my daughter, I was terrified that I would hear something that wasn’t my daughter…
    Good luck with all of this.

  51. Geez, that was creepy. Sleep paralysis would seem to explain the one story, and I wonder if the house itself could feel haunted because of something that’s causing infrasound.

    Or possibly it’s ghosts. 😀 I definitely think a lot of “ghost sightings” can be explained quite solidly by science, but I don’t think that disproves the concept of spirits or an afterlife, either.

  52. anonnickus says:

    I have never met a ghost I didn’t like.

  53. sarahnsh says:

    I actually have supernatural experiences occasionally at my work, which has calmed down quite a bit, which is good. I had one experience where these stones I had placed on a seat flew into the wall while I had my back turned to it and was massaging. Very freaky, and I’ve taken a weird picture before too. I don’t know how you deal with it at home!

  54. If you really want fun, watch the Marble Hornets series on Youtube. It’s all about the Slenderman Mythology.

  55. makingup3000 says:

    I know at the store where I work at there is a night crew who does stocking merchandise and stuff and they have heard children’s voices and laughter in the middle of the night. One person even felt someone tap them on the shoulder. But since we all work in the middle of the day with loud music I have never witnessed any of this. Whew!!

  56. niek1928 says:

    Feel yourself honestly in the power of unspeakable Creator. In ghostly siuations say: Go to the light.

    That’s all, I experienced nothing more.

    But be sure you are strong – no fake thoughts . Feel strong in this universe. – greetz – Niek

  57. soaringdragons says:

    Wow! Scary things really do go bump in the night! Thanks for stuff I never knew. Cheers!

  58. the wuc says:

    Wow, you totally creeped me out. Total heebie jeebs I don’t think I could live in a place where I didn’t feel safe. I think that’s the difference between a house and a home. I hope the situation improves really quickly. Good luck!

  59. Chelsie I will be now sleeping with my lights on…thanks!!!

    Congrats for getting Freshly Spooked…ooops I mean Freshly Scared , err, never mind, you know I meant Freshly Pressed.



  60. lol- get yourself some Broom – it’s a weed that grows outside, boil it and sprinkle it around your house after you clean the house from top to bottom.

    Your not nuts I’ve had the same thing happen myself – I will definitly continue to read.

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  62. I actually had a BAD Oiuja board experience and had my house “blessed” and it worked great. Your priests are actually very familiar with this sort of thing, and can definitely help.
    Just be honest and ask for a “house blessing”. Your priest will know what to do.
    E-mail me privately if you want details
    Good luck!

  63. maydelory says:

    There are a lot of ghosts in Haworth, England and one is a Bronte. Yup, part of the famous writing Bronte sisters. http://wp.me/pDQWN-ID

  64. maydelory says:

    Here’s a spook for you. http://wp.me/pDQWN-t2

  65. Hi! I had an apartment like this once. Be careful when you’re cleansing the house. Don’t think negative thoughts or any thoughts of fear when you’re doing it, or it might backfire (which happened to me and my roommate). I had the same sleep paralysis that you had, except it was followed by severe trembling. So I had to do an EEG to make sure I wasn’t seizing in my sleep. I wasn’t. Whatever bad spirit was in that apartment followed me around for a while as well. There were many sleep paralysis nights. If that continues, I would advise you to get a little necklace or something (I have a cross necklace), have it blessed and keep it on you when you sleep. It works for me.
    Good Luck! I’ll check in for updates.

  66. Great post I really enjoyed it. Please remove my previous comment that was a mistake I made sorry. Thanks for posting this once again.

  67. Sharp says:

    great, now I’m scared as well…

  68. Bob says:

    Experts in this field agree that this sort of poltergeist activity they find is allowed in from a unset or emotional child, usually a teenager. That is the common factor in all these cases. Their emotions and “physic energy” act as a sort of portal. Solve the emotional state of that child and the poltergeist activity goes away. It could be a hard job solving the emotional state of a teenager.

  69. A.S. Johnson says:

    There are severl types of “hauntings”. If the activity happens the same every day, same sound, ect, it could be residual; like a record playing over and over, there’s nothing to do to fix it except move if it bothers you. If things go bump in the day and night & has no pattern, ball rolling on the floor that aren’t there, unexplained taps or knocking, growl or hiss, then it could be an intelligent type haunt. Paranoia can be hightened by the unknown and allowing your own fears or anxiety to get the better of you. Standing your ground, not allowing “it” to scare you is self-empowerment you can use. There’s a few good ideas posted here and a few I’d classify as just stupid. Yes you can put a circle of salt around your home, you can also mark the top of each threshold entry way into your home with blood of lamb(yes literally), you can place a line of virgin olive oil at the base of every window, you can burn sage and smoke the entire house out, you can meditate focusing on the power of white light, bubble of protection. You can vocally declare your space and ask any unclean spirits(command them) to leave your home ,and if using some version of religious reference helps then that is okay too, priest blessing, reading from religious text, ect… All these things can help you feel more empowered and overcome anxiety over the “unknown”. Educating yourself on options and implimenting what works for you will only help. If problems continue then dig into the history of your home or specific street(look for murders, deaths, etc), and consult a paranomal group who will be more than happy to come and investiage for you to see if the haunting is residual or intelligent(good or evil) as well as make suggestions on how to get rid of the unwanted spirit.
    Good Luck!

  70. Delorfinde says:

    That sounds so scary! My friend used to live in a house that was haunted. He’d be sitting in a room and the fridge door would open, then close again. Or they’d hear the toilet flush in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. Or doors would open the whole way, then close again (proving that it wasn’t just the wind). Stuff like that.

    When they moved house, they moved into an old vicarage. Now they have no more problems.

    I hope you manage to sort out … whatever it is! I guess it’s weird for me to believe in haunting and I’m sure my parents don’t, but even if they’re not ‘ghosts’ exactly, I do believe in demons and that, so I guess they could do the same thing, couldn’t they? That’s what my friend says the hauntings were caused by – demons, or devils or whatever. He’s a Christian, so I can see why he might think that. But yeah. Creepy as. I suggest you get someone to pray for your house (that knows what they’re doing). Apparently, nine times out of ten it works.

  71. cassieee90 says:

    I’m a pretty big believer in the supernatural, though I’m not sure that I have had a true encounter with any sort of spirit. There is that thought though, that will never cease in my mind – what is out there that we don’t know about, and may never be able to prove?
    Much like the creatures at the very bottom of the deepest ocean that we still don’t know about. Earth is a scary place, it’s even more scarier when you think about all the things we still don’t know about our own planet.

  72. My hair’s standing on end right now. Oh my gosh… did I just hear shuffling in the other room? Bother. There goes tonight’s peaceful sleep… 😉

  73. melsar93 says:

    This is what you get for building your house and an ancient Indian Burial ground.

  74. stylistnc says:

    One time I was upstairs getting ready for work and I heard a door shut downstairs. I went downstairs and the bathroom door was closed and the light was on. I called out to my husband or kids thinking maybe they came home and were in there. When there wasn’t any answer I took a big butcher knife and my cell phone and bust open the door only to find no one there. I laugh about it now because if there was really a person or burglar in there what was I going to do? Swing my knife and call 911 at the same time? If there was a ghost I guess I scared him away. Haha.

  75. That is indeed some spooky stuff. If you can handle it, hang in there.

  76. niek1928 says:

    Spring-cleaning done? keep us posted will you? – warm greetz – N.

  77. Rose13 says:

    wow this is a very creepy but gripping post, I used to experience the same problem of the paralyzed feeling. Its awful. In my old house it was the first built in our town and proposed to be ‘haunted’ i was only young growing up there but in the back room where no one slept-the door was always closed and the window we’d shut everynight, each morning the window would be open. and many mornings we’d go in there to find the imprint of a ‘human figure’ on both single beds. I can remember quite vividly the sound of crashing and banging in that backroom everynight especially because my room wass next to it. Some very old people that have lived in the town say that a young boy choked on a pebble just outside our backdoor. Whether you believe it or not I sure do. But thankyou for your post you’ve definatly confirmed my superstition of ghosts.

  78. mystiqueme says:

    Hi Chelsie,

    My intention is not to freak you out more than you already are, but after reading this: “I felt trapped, like someone was pressing a cloth against my mouth. My breaths came in shallow pants. The blackness crept closer. I squeezed my eyes shut, the only defense I had left.” I thought you should know this or get more info on this. Across cultures people expereince the same a lot of times during sleep paralysis: a creature trying to choke them. This is not experienced by me. The scary part is that you are aware, but cannot move your body. This can take a few minutes.


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  80. winsolu says:

    i love read and write, amazing sory you have in this post. care about knife, take your man on your bed,, not knife please. lol 🙂

  81. thor27 says:

    I think there is enough evidence that there is indeed an after life and it’s reality. Some good some bad. Paranormal isn’t abnormal it’s real. The soul or souls need to be sent on. Interesting blog .

    Editor’s note: Please read the comment policy before replying. Your link has been deleted because it is not relevant to the post. .

    • neuo8324 says:

      WE are SPIRITS attached to our bodies. WE speak to each other by using our vocal cords. So called death is purely material – the body turns to dust but we the spirit continues to live, and eventually in time, attach ourselves to an embryo of our choice.

      Editor’s Note: Please read the comment policy before replying. Your link has been deleted because it is not relevant to the post.

  82. niek1928 says:

    1. As Thor27 says: The soul or souls need to be sent on.

    2. Take time to educate yourself a bit (Not All stuff, ’cause that will take years).

    3. Make sure you are able to love the spirit like you love a 4-year-old child that did something wrong and needs correction.

    4. You are in charge. You say without hesitation: “Go to the light”. Nothing more. Repeat this a couple of times.

    5. Nothing more. In that way you avoid discussion with the spirit.

    Keep us posted. Love from me – I wish you good luck.

  83. I have experienced sleep paralysis. It’s actually a really simple thing. Your body shuts down movement when you dream so you don’t act out dreams. Sleep walkers are people for whom this function doesn’t work properly. But for everyone else, there can occassionally be times when we wake up from a dream faster than our body kicks us back into mostion. Most often, we wake up this fast from bad dreams and nightmares. We start out slightly to very upset or disturbed or agitated from the dream and then we can’t move. Which takes the initial feeling and multiplies it by 10. I knew about this phenomenon before I ever experienced it. That didn’t stop me from panicking the first time it happened.

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