It can’t all be rainbows and unicorn farts.

I’ve started this entry about six different times now, and each time I’ve deleted it. I’m having one of those days–and if you’re looking for sunshine and unicorn farts, you should just move right on along, because there’s nothing to see here.

It wasn’t a bad day. But it wasn’t a good day, either. It just was. Nothing exciting happened. We didn’t have any near misses with baseball-sized hail like we have over the past few days, and our resident unwelcome guest stayed fairly quiet for most of the day.

Boo didn’t do anything that I immediately thought, Eureka! that’s blog fodder! He was his usual cute, quirky self, but at some point people are going to start wondering why I’m so obsessed with writing about what goes in and out of him. It’s not exactly interesting from a non-parent perspective, ya know?

We woke up. We ate breakfast. Played. Took a nap–both of us, don’t judge. We ate lunch. Played some more. Yelled at Casper for slamming the door to the master bedroom. Ate dinner, watched Survivor, took a bath, went to bed. And then one of us had a Sminoff Cherry Limeade, but I’m not naming names on that one.

There’s nothing I can do to spin this day into something funny. And believe me, I’ve tried. This afternoon while I was channeling my inner David Grohl and wailing ‘The Pretender’ into my broom-cum-microphone (heh, cum), Boo yelled at me to stop singing. “You’re BAD!” he insisted.

Newsflash, America: I’m not Lady Gaga, and my two year-old can tell. And that’s as good as it gets.

If this wasn’t the Month of Blogging Dangerously, I would completely skip writing today. But here I am, dutifully pecking away so that I can give myself a pat on the back at the end of the month.

I think I’ll file this one under “Just Not Good Enough” because that’s how I’m feeling.

*sad trombone*


About Chelsie

Mommy. Beauty product whore. Plastic lawn flamingo enthusiast. Nosy neighbor. One day novelist.
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6 Responses to It can’t all be rainbows and unicorn farts.

  1. Mishelle says:

    My 11 yr old walked by as I was reading, she saw the pic and said “Unicorns fart rainbows?!?! Oh eeewwwwww!”

    I was going to say sometimes writing doesn’t come easily and your family just acts “normally” but you wrote and sometimes following thru is the hardest thing BUT I doubt you need someone blowing sunshine up your skirt so I went with the humour.

    I like making people laugh. It’s my thing.


  2. Chelsie says:

    I thought the one thing that might make someone chuckle would be the unicorn fart thing. On a side note, Googling unicorn farts brings up some really weird stuff. People out there are warped, I’m tellin’ ya.

    • Mishelle says:

      The stuff that comes up from innocent searches on google is amazing isn’t it? I think it’s funny to see what searches will bring up. People are just outright freaky and the best part is it can be entertaining… sometimes.


  3. Danielle says:

    made me laugh! thank you!

    • Chelsie says:

      You are quite welcome! Thanks for stopping by to comment 🙂 Comments make me feel all warm and squiggly inside. But apparently tapeworms do, too. Maybe I should get that checked out.

  4. I can’t stop reading your blog! It’s hilarious, but I do have to apologize for being a douche canoe…I left a comment with a link to my blog on the bottom…then I read your comments policy. I do apologize. I love your blog though!!! 😀 :-/

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