Jesus is Risen. Now let the party begin.

Happy Zombie Jesus day, y’all! I’m off to spend the day with my family. The weather is kind of crappy, so we’ll be hunting Easter eggs inside this year. Which is probably a good thing for the Easter Bunny, since my cat has developed a taste for rabbit flesh.

In any case, it’s going to be a good day. Easter is big deal for my family, second only to Christmas. And maybe Thanksgiving. And most definitely OU/Texas weekend–that shit is sacred.

I may be a dirty lapsed heathen, but I enjoy a good Easter celebration as much as the next properly guilt-ridden Catholic. It’s a time for everyone to get together and gorge on pork, processed sugar, and Peeps. (Except those things are not fit for human consumption. They exist only so that we can make Peep dioramas, if you ask me.)

So I’ll leave you with this:

It’s Inpeeption. Geddit? In-peep-tion?

Whatever. Boo thought it was funny. But then again, he thinks it’s funny to smell his own farts.

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4 Responses to Jesus is Risen. Now let the party begin.

  1. Mishelle says:

    Thought it was matrix for a bit – where did you find it?


  2. Yor Ryeter says:

    Liked the Inpeeption idea, reminds me of Leonardo Dicaprio 😀

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