I love these people, and not just because they make me feel less stabby.

Blue Lite Special

Cooking Mama Loraine


The Domesic Epicurian

Escritura De Las Garras Del Fenix

It Only Looks Like I’m In Charge

Kat Lady and the Tramp

Lagomorphflix’s Blog

Leah Callahan Blogs

Malta: Moving on, up and away

The Mike/Mitch Project

My Life, Such As It is


Sandy Rooney

The Student Knitter

Swoopy Loopy

Aeria Games Customer Service

If you want to be added to the Three Ring Mom “Minions!” page, leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail ( with your name, URL, and short message about what you write about. I’ll review each submission, and if it passes my test (read: your content is not about fisting donkeys or something messed up like that) I’ll add your page.

1 Response to Minions

  1. I am SO diggin’ your blog! Love and appreciate the humor, I totally get it! I’m a mom of 3 but I often include the hubs, so I guess I’m actually a mom of 4! Just writing about my cooking/food love affair…never fisted a donkey, but I was outside a place where there was “donkey show” in TJ.

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