Coherent schmoherent

Short and sweet tonight people, because mah brain is fried. My poor overworked, underpaid synapses gave notice today that they’re going on strike until Friday night. They’re demanding REM cycles and a few hours spent reading mindless celebrity gossip before going fully operational again. Apparently, those little buggers like to recharge at night. During sleep. Which hasn’t happened with the frequency to which they had become accustomed during my slothish summer. (I blame Sookie Stackhouse and Viking Eric for reasons you probably don’t want to know.)

And this whole back to school learning thing? Overrated. Mommy needs a nap, not a force fed lecture on microscopy.

Sentences longer than four words are challenging at the moment, and I probably shouldn’t be allowed to operate heavy machinery for a while. That’s gonna make driving difficult tomorr… Oh, look. A squirrel. Fluffy.

Heh. Coherency is not a strong suit of mine on a good day, so this should be interesting.

Clinique is offering a limited edition Holiday collection inspired by the brand’s popular Color (I refuse to spell it ‘Colour’) Surge shadow duos, and I’m totally craving it. Like, the entire collection. Prices aren’t available yet, but my checking account is pratically weeping as I write this.

But she just looks so damn happy. I want to be happy like that. And tan. And thin. Obviously, the Strawberry Fudge collection is the secret lusty ingredient in this equation of love.

Since I have to, um, feed the voracious badger living in the nursery my kid and pay our outrageous August electric bill, that acquisition is just not gonna happen. Handily, my favorite part of the collection–the eye shadow and blush–is being released in a *reallypretty*compact together. Clinique says:

This limited edition compact features a Colour Surge Eye Shadow Trio of shimmering shades in soft pink, chocolate brown, and a dark slate to dial up the drama. Comfortable and lightweight, these eye shadow favourites deliver luxurious, intense long lasting colour. Cheeks get the perfect hint of pink from Soft Pressed Powder Blusher in New Clover.

It’s just so… pink. And pretty. And flattering for people with warm skin tones. Sadly, the collection doesn’t launch until October or November, depending on your locale. The shades in the kit are available now in Clinique’s permanent collection, at the cost of  $17.50 for two shades.

Um, I think not.

I wanted to try this look NOW, so I took a detour to Ulta on the way home from class to find a cheaper alternative. I came home with an Ulta eye shadow Girly Girl quad ($12.00 at Ulta and

Eh, this will have to work. FOR NOW.

I swatched the shades in the store, and I think they capture the spirit of the Clinque Strawberry Fudge collection, without the hefty price tag. I haven’t worked with the product beyond that, but I plan on trying them out tomorrow morning. (That is, if I’m able negotiate a peace treaty with my brain first.)

  • The first shade is a rich, chocolately brown that blends out to a matte finish that is lighter than it looks in the compact.
  • The second shade is a frosty rose with hints of gold microshimmer. This adds a little sparkle without leaving you looking like a Twilight fangirl on opening night.
  • The third shade, which looks pale pink on first glance, ends up going on almost white. It’s a nice complement to the richly pigmented rose shade.
  • The fourth shade is a white aspiring to be pink. It would be perfect to use as a highlighter, or even as a pop of color on the inner corner of your eyes–a little trick to make tired eyes look more awake and wide-open. (Especially when they’re constantly at half mast because droooooooool… Need sleep.)

I had aspirations to post my own swatches, but I have no talent for photography. My camera and I are not friends. (Hear that, you point and shoot piece of crap, we’re totally not BFFs any more. You eat batteries and overexpose every single shot I try to take.) And I’m twitching uncontrollably because there Ulta doesn’t assign shade names (or numbers!) for their eye shadow quads, and I have a compulsion to name EVERYTHING. It bugs the everloving hell out of me. And don’t even get me started about having to use ‘is’ a verb in four consecutive sentences. The editor in me is tearing chunks of her hair out.

I think that’s probably a sign that I need to say good night, witty non sequitur closing be damned.

Edit: Oops. I forgot to include my disclosure statement and photo credits. That will teach me to blog on no sleep.

***Disclosure: all products were purchased by Three Ring Mom for personal use and review purposes.

Photo credits: Clinique laboratories, LLC (;  Ulta Beauty (


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